Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flex and HTML5

After a lot of questions and emails in regards of the possibility of HTML 5 replacing Flex, I decided to write half a page to compare all positive and negative aspects around the subject.

After working with Flex for past 6 years and coming from C#-Java backend community I can definitely can say that we all going to move from any RIA apps to HTML5 if and only if HTML5 will evolve into something bigger and better.

What I am saying is: any script or computer language have to have necessary surroundings to be able to grow, attract new developers and make our job a “little bit” faster, better and if you want to use the standard phrase – MORE OFFICIAL and MORE PRODUCTIVE.

With our processors and memory cost, I think the next important key is the human resource performance. The company hiring the developer will spend his/her week of pay for the hardware, another week of pay for software.

After that employees will have to become profitable for the employer. To achieve this employer must be sure that he created work environment and bought all necessary tools for the developer.

Now, you reader understand where I am going to? Flex Builder or plug-in for the eclipse is one click away, adding 2-3 free plug-ins 20 min. job, adding flash debugger 10 minutes. Installing FB 20 min. and you have complete developer environment in 1.5-2 hours with debugger and log and SVN.

Now trying to do the same thing for HTML5 you don’t know where to start. Does anyone know good IDE for HTML5?

To be continued


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